Terms and Conditions



Quotes are based on the original email you are sent at time of enquiry or the completed booking form (if no email enquiry is received).  All prices are as per website and current and valid.    
We don’t hold dates as we are in extremely high demand. A minimum deposit of $200.00 (unless otherwise specified) is required at the time of written confirmation.  This can only be paid via direct deposit or via credit card. Payment of deposit signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.  Once the deposit has been received the booking is confirmed and a confirmation email and pro-forma invoice is sent.  Final payment is due 14 days prior to event unless otherwise arranged.  Cheques are not accepted.  A $3.90 credit card charge for all payments made by credit card every time your card is charged. 
Once the deposit has been received the booking is confirmed and a confirmation email will be sent. Payment of deposit signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.



We don’t hold cash bonds.  We allow up to 4 glass breakage/missing per event.  Anything beyond this your credit card is charged automatically.  Should a glass(es) be found following The Cocktail Queens departure, The Cocktail Queen will not pay for the glassware to be returned to head office.  Clients will need to return the glass(es) themselves at their own expenses, or this will be deducted from the bond.  By signing this terms and conditions the client agrees to and understands that their credit card will be charged post party should any breakages as aforementioned occur.


EVENT DETAILS CONFIRMATION - For those events whereby TCQ supplies the alcohol.

To ensure that we cater appropriately for correct numbers, menus and requirements, and beverage arrangements, must be discussed with the function coordinator no less than 21 days prior to the function start date.  Final numbers must be confirmed via email or phone call to The Cocktail Queen no less than 14 days for the party unless otherwise indicated. The final balance is based on the final guaranteed quoted numbers.  Should numbers fall below the advertised minimum then the price increases and at time of final payment your invoice will be adjusted accordingly to compensate for the shortfall.  Should guests that have paid on the night not turn up, monies for these non attendees will not be refunded.  We only refund for non-attendees if your guest cancels prior to 28 days (see cancellation policy).  Late attendees are accepted in certain circumstances; however The Cocktail Queen must be notified no less than 72 hours to the function.  Payment arrangements for the late attendees must be made upon consultation with The Cocktail Queen at time of notification.  Any late attendees arriving at the event and payment has not been received, the result will be loss of bond, or charge to credit card.  


EVENT DETAILS CONFIRMATION - For those events whereby you supply the alcohol.
The final balance is based on the final agreed service requirements as per the invoiced amount. Should you have more guests than the service package you have purchased, or you have failed to purchase all the ingredients to make the designated cocktails you have chosen, The Cocktail Queen is not responsible for your guests having to wait for drinks, reduced service efficiency or receive drinks that don't include all the ingredients. Don't call us and complain the following week if you failed not to take our advice as to staff to guest ratios and service wasn't efficient.  If you have 100 guests and hire only 1 staff person, don't expect our staff to work 10x's harder to get drinks out either.  



It's unfortunate that this policy has to be written, but Cocktail Queen does not tolerate abusive, bad manners, rudeness or intolerance to staff prior to or at any events whatsoever.  We definitely don't tolerate Bridezillas or Bridesmaidzillas, nor clients that refer to us as "the help".  We also don't tolerate consummation of drugs on premises of any kind, whether it be your own home or not. At Cocktail Queen it is our first and foremost priority to ensure the safety of our staff.  Whilst our staff are hired by you to provide a specialist service, it doesn't give any client the right to micro-manage, demean or verbally abuse our staff.  We only encourage smiles, laughing, good manners and politeness at all times. Should our staff be subject to any of the above including being exposed to drug use on premises they will be at liberty to cease service and exit the premises at any time during the event.  Should this occur we are not responsible for your guests who are doing the right thing for not getting the full service provided.  No refunds will be permitted at all should this occur. The Cocktail Queen staff enforces RSA at all times and reserve the right to refuse to serve any person who is drinking to fast, drunk, disorderly, on drugs or objectionable or unreasonable.  It is the utmost responsibility of the client to ensure that their guests conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times. We don't serve alcohol to minors even in the comfort of your own home.


Final payment for the event/tower including any travelling/parking charges need to be received via direct deposit or credit card no less than 14 days prior to the event.  Cheques are not accepted. A $3.90 credit card charge for all payments made by credit card is applicable per transaction.


Standard Cancellation Policy - If you cancel your booking greater than 28 days (or on the 28th day) prior to the event, your event will be refunded LESS the $200 deposit- no exceptions.  We refund within 28 days of cancellation directly into your bank account.  All cancellations must be in writing via email.

If you cancel your booking less than 27 days (including on the 27th day) prior to the event, then no monies will be refunded - no exceptions.
We as all venues (even though we are mobile, still have overheads, bills, permanent staff wages etc to pay and when you cancel your event these bills still exist and have to be paid, and by cancelling your tower/event we could have booked it with someone else.  When you pay your deposit/payment this signifies that you agree to our operational policies (including the cancellation policy) and the booking form terms and conditions. 

Pandemic Policy - During pandemic lockdown at any given time where Cocktail Queen is inoperable due to lockdown measures, please note cancellations are allowed however monies are not refunded until 48 days post lockdown release for our industry (being at home catered events).  Should you wish to cancel during a pandemic we still retain a $200 deposit. You can reschedule your event at any time for any date.

If you are cancelling your event because of a decline in attendance due to attendees having covid please note the standard cancellation policy applies (not the pandemic policy). We do allow events to be moved to another date (postponed) should this be the circumstance. Please note also we do not refund for non-attendees no matter what the circumstance of them not attending, once final payment has been made.

If you are wanting to postpone or cancel at any time, YOU MUST complete the cancellation form HERE (as used for postponements).

TRAVEL CHARGES - For all packages excluding champagne tower packages.

We can't expect our staff to travel to and from locations without being compensated.  The following travel fees are applicable;

<10kms Melb/GC CBD $29

11-20kms Melb/GC CBD $49

21-30kms Melb/GC CBD $59

31-40kms Melb/GC CBD $69

41-60kms Melb/GC CBD $89

61-70kms Melb/GC CBD $99

71-89kms Melb/GC CBD $120

90-110kms Melb/GC CBD $140

TRAVEL CHARGES - For champagne tower packages.

If your wedding ceremony is not within 10kms of Melbourne/Gold Coast CBD the following additional travel charges apply:

11-20kms - $49

21-30kms - $69

31-40kms - $79

41-50kms - $99

51-85kms - $120

86-100kms - $150 - staff hire is required for this distance and must be purchased also.   We don't pick up next day for regional events. 


A parking fee of $29 applies only to CBD location to assist in staff parking charges if a parking space is not present. This is a given, considering parking is horrendous in CBD locations.


Additional terms and conditions pertinent to different packages can be found on relevant booking forms of the different service and event packages when you go to book.