Having a birthday party and already have purchased your beverages? 

Or wanting to supply your own alcohol but have no one to mix it up? 

Then look no further....The Cocktail Queen has highly skilled food waiters, bar staff (bartenders) and Cocktail Mixologists,  who will serve your food and beverages, along with creating gourmet cocktails for you and your guests.

We are the only company who tier their staff based on skill, personality and performance.  This ensures that you will have the right person for the right event.  We now also offer a premium staff service for those requiring great staff for special events such as weddings.

All pricing is per hour, with minimum hours required.  The number of staff you require at your event is dependent upon how much you want to spend, number of guests and the level of service you want.  To simplify we have also packaged rates based on guest numbers, and total hours.  You can also hire glassware from us for your event, with one of our glassware hire packages. 

Once you book your staff with us, we can assist you in your purchasing requirements.  Once booked you will be able to login to our members area to choose one of our cocktail menus for your event (they include all the favourites!), of which you will be then sent a comprehensive shopping list of everything you need for your event…right down to how many bags of ice you require. You can also design your own cocktail menu from a selection of cocktails (available when you login in) of which we can then provide you with a shopping list for all your ingredients.  The cost of this service is from an additional $29.00.  If you are booking a Master Mixologist then you can choose your own pick and mix complimentary.

Ensure you hire enough staff for your event - If you don't hire enough staff for your event, service can be compromised.  If you have a 100 guests and want full cocktail service you WILL need to hire 4 staff minimum.  Click here for our complete staff packages based on how many guests you are having at your event.



$55 per hr

4 hours minimum

A Junior Mixologist will mix up a selection of cocktails for your event.    If your just having casual drinks or beverages, then a Junior Mixologist is required.

Staff within this category have 3 or less years’ experience in the field of hospitality and are not as efficient in timings when it comes to large crowds.  They are able to manage upto 20 guests by themselves comfortably with general cocktail and bar service. Junior Mixologists will only make certain types of cocktails.

Should you need staff for 1, 2 or 3  hours only the minimum rate applies



$65 per hr

4 hours minimum

Senior Mixologists are highly skilled cocktail makers and have been with Cocktail Queen for an extensive period of time.  They are senior in that they can manage a bar effectively, mix, muddle and shake up great cocktails and also ensure your bar is well serviced.  Solo they can comforatbly handle upto 30 guests. They are great on timings and efficient in service. Senior Mixologists will make certain set cocktails and custom cocktails within their category range.

Should you need staff for 1 , 2 or 3 hours only the minimum rate applies

master mixologist

$79 per hr

4 hours minimum

When only the best is required.  A Master Cocktail Mixologist is for selected events when you want fine mixology service with handcrafted cocktails made on the fly and a service level that exceeds your expectations.  Our Master Mixologists are also Wedding Bar Supervisors. If you want custom cocktails or want a fully custom menu then you need to hire a Master Mixologist.

They can comfortably handle upto 30 guests at solo events.

Should you need staff for 1, 2 or 3 hours the minimum rate applies.

food staff SUPERVISOR 

$65 per hr

4 hours minimum

The food supervisor prepares the food products in the kitchen and ensures that food is served in the correct order and at the correct time.

These staff work with Junior Mixologists who can also act as food waiters.

Should you need staff for 1 or 2, 3 hours the minimum rate applies.