We are the only company who tier their staff based on skill, personality and performance.  This ensures that you will have the right person for the right event.  We now also offer a premium staff service for those requiring great staff for special events such as weddings.

All pricing is per hour, with minimum hours required.  The number of staff you require at your event is dependent upon how much you want to spend, number of guests and the level of service you want.  To simplify we have also packaged rates based on guest numbers, and total hours.  You can also hire glassware from us for your event, with one of our glassware hire packages. 

Once you book your staff with us, we can assist you in your purchasing requirements.  Once booked you will be able to login to our members area to choose one of our cocktail menus for your event (they include all the favourites!), of which you will be then sent a comprehensive shopping list of everything you need for your event…right down to how many bags of ice you require.  You can also design your own cocktail menu (available when you login in) of which we can then provide you with a shopping list for all your ingredients.  The cost of this service is from an additional $19.00.   In the  members lounge you can also download the party pointers and the DIY bar setup details.  

If you are looking to specifically book staff for a wedding/engagement of another prestigious event and what the best service and the best advice for your event, contact us for a custom quote today.

Having a birthday party and already have purchased your beverages? 

Or wanting to supply your own alcohol but have no one to mix it up? 

Then look no further....The Cocktail Queen has highly skilled food waiters, bar staff (bartenders) and Cocktail Mixologists,  who will serve your food and beverages, along with creating gourmet cocktails for you and your guests.

master mixologist

$79 per hr

3 hours minimum

When only the best is required.  A Master Cocktail Mixologist is for selected events when you want fine mixology service with handcrafted cocktails made on the fly and a service level that exceeds your expectations.  Our Master Mixologists are also Wedding Bar Supervisors.

1 x MM for 2 hours $200
1 x MM for 1 hour $170



$65 per hr

3 hours minimum

Senior Mixologists are highly skilled cocktail makers and have been with Cocktail Queen for an extensive period of time.  They are senior in that they can manage a bar effectively, mix, muddle and shake up great cocktails and also ensure your bar is well serviced. They are great on timings and efficient in service.

1 x SM for 2 hours $170
1 x SM for 1 hour $135


$49 per hr

4 hours minimum

 A General Mixologist will mix up a selection of cocktails for your event.   They also are skilled bar tenders providing friendly service to your guests, serving them essential bar drinks.

These staff have less then 3 years experience in the industry.

If your just having casual drinks or beverages then a Mixologist is required.

1 x MIX for 2 hours $155
1 x MIX for 3 hours $175

food staff service 

$49 per hr

3 hours minimum

These staff work the floor of your function, serving food, removing used plates and general front of house duties.

These staff work with a Food Service Supervisor who prepares and plates food for service.

1 x FSS for 2 hours $135

food staff SUPERVISOR 

$59 per hr

4 hours minimum

The food supervisor prepares the food products in the kitchen and ensures that food is served in the correct order and at the correct time.

These staff work with Food Service Staff who work the floor of your function.

1 x SUP for 2 hours $175

The level of service you require at an event depends greatly on how many guests are attending your event, to that of how many bar staff you have hired.  As a general rule, we always advise on the following staff hire to guest ratio:

For events of 15-30 we recommend 1 bar staff

For events of 31-50 we recommend 2 bar staff

For events of 51-70 we recommend 3 bar staff

For events of 71-100 we recommend 4 bar staff

Should you have hired less bar staff based on your final confirmed guest attendance, please note that bar service may not be as quick or efficient as you anticipate.  Whilst our staff are effectively trained in bar service and work efficiently, hiring one bar person to accommodate 50 or more guests will affect the efficiency of service.  Though we do assume that not all guests will be drinking cocktails at the same time.

Travel charges ARE applicable to locations in Melbourne

- Inner Melbourne is $29.00 (Suburbs located upto 10kms from city CBD)

- Outer Melbourne Suburbs is $49.00 (Suburbs located greater then 11km from CBD but less then 29kms)

- Out-Out Melbourne is $69.00 (Suburbs located greater then 30kms from CBD but less then 50kms)

- Regional Melbourne is $99.00 (Suburbs or locations greater then 51kms and upto 70kms away from CBD)

We charge a travel fee so our staff are compensated for travelling these distances.  We ensure we always assign the right person for the right event - we don't purely assign staff because they are in your location, staff are assigned to events based on their experience and your requirements and to compensate for a lot of travelling of which our staff do.  We immensely value our staff and they are compensated for time spent in a car to and from for certain events. 

Regarding CBD events - a parking fee of $29.00 is applicable to CBD locations to assist in staff parking charges. This is a given considering parking is horrendous is CBD locations. 

For delivery of equipment to CBD events the client must also make available an allocated parking spot for the head staff person for ease of unloading any glassware, barware equipment, in to the apartment - we cant park 900m down the road and transport equipment back and forth, so this space or a designated loading zone space must be allocated for both unloading and reloading.


Also when deciding on staff hire please ensure you also factor into the amount of hours the prep hours prior to service also.  Please allow ½ to 1 hour for bar prep prior to service along with food prep also if hiring food staff.  Unless you will be providing total bar prep and kitchen prep of which our staff would just walk in and begin serving.  Also you will need to consider glass washing requirements – please note to maximise service at the bar and if you are hiring LESS THAN the recommended staff (in relation to guest ratio), ensure you hire an additional staff person for collection of dirty glassware, or you have an independent  person available to do this on the day.

Please note the above pricing is not applicable to New Years Eve, different rates apply.  




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