Frequently asked questions for hire of Wedding Staff

How many cocktails can I choose for my wedding?

Upon booking you get to choose from one of three wedding menus each consisting of 3 cocktails. These menus are the Classic Wedding Cocktail Menu, The Summer Wedding Cocktail Menu and the Winter Wedding Cocktail Menu. These menus consist of cocktails that we know from experience are the most popular at weddings. Once you book, we give you access to view the menus and choose. Once you have chosen your menu we then send you a shopping list to purchase all the ingredients for your wedding. At time of chosing your wedding cocktail menu you will also be able to inform us if you are only having cocktails for the first 1 or 1.5 hours of the wedding or for the entire duration. This detail allows us to send you a shopping list pertinent to the number of hours you are drinking cocktails.

What will Cocktail Queen wedding staff actually do on the day?

Essentially, they will run your entire wedding from a service point of view. They are 'hands on' service staff who will ensure the following is undertaken, but not limited to;

Bar is setup - beverages are chilled with adequate amount, glassware is garnished and ready to go, garnishes are ready, menus are set and displayed.

Make and serve cocktails (if you are having them),
Bins are lined and labelled correctly - will manage waste removal

Provide floor service for both beverages and table.

Clean glassware
Ice is maintained at all times, along with replenishment of beverages
Prep and serve your food - wash dishes, pack-up after. Ensure grazing tables are stocked, setup and maintained. Pack away your food after.

They are the point of call for food and beverage requirements.

There specialty is not just in being ultra-organised it’s in the attention to the customer service and ensuring this is maintained at all times.

Example of a wedding and reception;

3.00pm - Wedding Ceremony

4.00pm - Bar Opens - pre-dinner cocktails - Bride and Groom have photos taken - peak service time!

5.00pm - Cocktail’s service cease/standard bar service continues

6.30pm - Dinner commences

8.30pm - Cake Cutting

11.30pm - Bar closes

The behind the scene work for an event of this duration (which is a typical wedding duration) is quite extensive, and the more guests there is the more staff are required and the longer the prep and pack-down times. Whilst you may only need someone attending the bar for 5 hours, the questions have to be asked.... who is washing glassware, getting more ice, pre-chilling the beverages, restocking the tubs? Its all this and more that needs to be taken care of in a wedding. Our packages accomodate for all of this.

I have friends setting up the bar and running everything, why do I need more hours of staff hire from The Cocktail Queen?

We've heard this many times before and come the big day friends run late, don't do it the way you want them to, forget the ice, start drinking early and then drop the ball or they simply don't have any idea how to setup a bar. We don't recommend friends to setup bars, now do we recommend friends to coordinate your big day, because the majority of them don't know how to manage a bar, and to be honest our staff don't need micro managing. If you want your day to run right then leave these vital points of coordination and preparation to The Cocktail Queen staff.

Do you charge a delivery fee for the glassware?

Whilst most people don't give glassware a second thought, it actually plays a very important part in your wedding reception, and getting the glassware to and from the venue location at the right time is a necessary logistic. We offer free delivery/pickup of all glassware included in the packages for those wedding venue locations within 20kms Melb/Gold Coast CBD radius. Anything over is additional cost. The delivery fees for glassware are as follows; Venue is wtihin 20km Melb/Gold Coast CBD radius - FREE Venue is 21-40kms Melb/Gold Coast CBD radius - $49 delivery fee that includes pickup Venue is 41-60kms Melb/Gold Coast CBD radius - $69 delivery fee that includes pickup Venue is 61-70kms Melb/Gold Coast CBD radius - $99 delivery fee that includes pickup Venue is 71-89kms Melb/Gold Coast CBD radius - $120 delivery fee that includes pickup Venue is 91-110kms Melb/Gold Coast CBD radius - $140 delivery fee that includes pickup At time of booking you can indicate if you need delivery of glassware. You also have the option of having glassware arrive with barstaff on the day, so you can minimise cost. However should you take this option ALL glassware will depart at the same time the final staff depart.

What are the travel charges?

We can’t expect our staff to travel to and from locations without being compensated. The following travel fees are applicable.

<10kms Melb/GC CBD $29

11-20kms Melb/GC CBD $49

21-30kms Melb/GC CBD $59

31-40kms Melb/GC CBD $69

41-60kms Melb/GC CBD $89

61-70kms Melb/GC CBD $99

71-89kms Melb/GC CBD $120

90-110kms Melb/GC CBD $140

How much is the deposit to book and do you hold dates?

The deposit to book in and secure your date and team for your wedding staff is $200.00. We absolutely do not hold dates without a deposit. Our packages are in high demand and we take bookings for all events nearly 2 years in advance. If you enquire and don't book immediately and wait until closer to the date, we can't guarantee a team will be available for your designated date.

What else do I need to know?

On the Tuesday prior to the weekend of your event we will send you a final confirmation logistics email detailing who is attending, package particulars also. This final confirmation is not sent until the Tuesday prior to your event.

What is your cancellation policy especially during a pandemic snap lockdown?

You can find the answer to this and all our standard booking terms and conditions by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

I am setting up my own DIY bar, what do I need to include?

The bar setup is essential to ensure efficient service for your wedding. Due to OH&S regulations and COVID regulations YOU MUST SUPPLY adequate close at hand, hot running water facilites for washing up of glassware (not dishes). The bar must also have suitable cover if outside and not operating in rain or exposed to harsh sunlight. You will need to ensure the bar is equipped with eskys, bar top tubs, menus etc prior, however you can hire these items from us and we do provide menu printing services for an additional cost. Upon booking we send you a comprehensive bar setup checklist that ensures you have everything needed to setup you bar perfectly for your wedding day.

Can I have signature cocktails at my wedding?

You sure can! We also offer signature cocktail service with our Master Mixologist service, whereby you can add on a Master Mixologist to mix up and shake your signature cocktail creation.

If you choose this option the Master Mixologist will be in attendance at your event at an additional cost depending on the duration you need them there to serve your signature cocktail. An additional 1.5 hour prep time is added automatically to the event. If you are wanting a signature cocktail(s) instead of our standard wedding menu cocktails or in addition to the standard wedding menu cocktails, then you MUST hire a Master Mixologist to make these cocktails. Glassware hire for your signature cocktail is also an additional cost. Master Mixologists will attend the event and oversee the production of the cocktail with other staff and ensure that the cocktail is made to perfection every time.

Upon completion of the booking form you have the option to book this additional service.

Is it cheaper for staff hire if I don't want cocktails served at my wedding?

The option to have cocktails served at your wedding reception is exactly that...optional. If you don't want cocktails you don't have to have them served at your wedding. This does not change the price of the packages however.