Introducing "The Dream Team"...
A selection of elite staff who specialize in premium bar service for weddings and large events.


We undertake many weddings, and have to admit we are pretty good at running them!!  Many clients are now choosing to organise every detail of their wedding now supplying their own beverages and food, of which staff are hired from us to serve. Though you cant do everything on your wedding day and that's where our Dream Team comes in.

Weddings take quite a bit to setup, and its not just about pouring a glass of wine.  Its about customer service at the highest level ensuring the right staff are working with your intimate guests.  Weddings are intimate affairs and you want the day to run smooth and efficiently.   Our dedication to weddings ensures that you have the right staff for your big day, who have attention to detail and finesse in every aspect of service that they provide.

The Cocktail Queen Dream Team consists of General Bar tenders, Mixologists, Food Service Staff and Event Coordinators.  Our Event Coordinators are dynamite, and are very hands on ensuring every aspect of your wedding day is undertaken just the way you envisage it.  They are your eyes and ears on your big day and the last to leave.  Our Wedding Coordinators are there the entire way through from start to finish.  Our Bar Tenders work extremely hard along with our Food Service Staff and are multi-talented under pressure.  

We have two tier levels of staff hire - the Essential Service level and the Premium Service Level. Click on each to find out more.


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