So your getting married!!  Its an exciting time and you want everything to run smoothly on the day, and you want it to run just the way you want it. But teh issue your getting married... how do you coordinate your wedding day and get married at the same time?

Well thats where a Cocktail Queen Event Coordinator steps in.  We know this predicament of every bride and groom all too well.  On your wedding day you want the napkins laid a certain way,  the flower arch set up in the right spot, the cake is placed on the right table, guests are seated in the correct places and so on.   Its every bride and grooms choice to be VERY particular on their wedding day, and so they should be... its your day!

But you cant be everywhere and you need someone to do exactly want you want done, and thats what we do best.  Cocktail Queen Event Coordinators are your 'eyes and ears' on the day; we take control of the logistics and bring your ideas to life and ensure a smooth and seamless wedding day.

Our hands on event coordinators on the day are exactly that; hands on.  They are there at the crack of dawn to the last person leaves.  We aren't those event coordinators that stay for the first hour of the reception then leave.  The event coordinator is the bride and grooms point of call on the day... ALL DAY & NIGHT.  So if something needs attention then your event coordinator will come running.

On the day the event coordinator, coordinates the logistics of the setup, the bump in and out of the suppliers, the movement of guests from location to location, the running of the schedule to ensure speeches etc run on time, handling any guest queries, making sure nanna has the front row seat at the wedding, and telling you "go" when those doors open to the reception area to introduce you the first time as a married couple.   The list of duties is endless and we liase with you prior to the big day many times to ensure the schedule and all logistics are understood by all involved.

Our event coordinators aren't cheap.  Your paying for service, knowledge and above all years and years of experience in the industry.  We know events, know how to run them and put in the long hours.  Service is the number one priority with attention to detail.  And we're straight up.  Weddings are expensive, and we know who to work with in the industry to give you the best rates, best prices with the best service.

Our rates start from $120 per hour for Wedding Day event coordinating.

We provide pre-event wedding consultation services and coordinating packages starting at $1100