Essentially they will run your entire wedding from a service point of view.  They are 'hands on' service staff who will ensure the following is undertaken, but not limited to;

Bar is setup - beverages are chilled with adequate amount, glassware is garnished and ready to go, garnishes are ready, menus are set and displayed.

Make and serve cocktails (if you are having them), 
Bins are lined and labeled correctly  - will manage waste removal

Provide floor service for both beverages and table.

Clean glassware
Ice is maintained at all times, along with replenishment of beverages
Prep and serve your food - wash dishes, pack-up after. Ensure grazing tables are stocked, setup and maintained. Pack away your food after.

They are the point of call for food and beverage requirements.

There specialty is not just in being ultra organised its in the attention to the customer service and ensuring this is maintained at all times.


Example of a wedding and reception;

3.00pm - Wedding Ceremony

4.00pm - Bar Opens - pre-dinner cocktails - Bride and Groom have photos taken - peak service time!

5.00pm - Cocktails service cease/standard bar service continues

6.30pm - Dinner commences

8.30pm - Cake Cutting

11.30pm - Bar closes 

The behind the scene work for an event of this duration (which is a typical wedding duration) is quite extensive, and the more guests there is the more staff are required and the longer the prep and pack-down times.  Whilst you may only need someone attending the bar for 5 hours, the questions have to be asked.... who is washing glassware, getting more ice, pre-chilling the beverages, restocking the tubs?  Its all this and more that needs to be taken care of in a wedding.  


We've heard this many times before and come the big day friends run late, don't do it the way you want them to, forget the ice, start drinking early and then drop the ball or they simply don't have any idea how to setup a bar.  We don't recommend friends to setup bars, now do we recommend friends to coordinate your big day.  If you want your day to run right then leave these vital points of coordination and preperation to The Cocktail Queen staff.


Our hands on event coordinators on the day are exactly that; hands on.  They are there at the crack of dawn to the last person leaves.  We aren't those event coordinators that stay for the first hour of the reception then leave.  The event coordinator is the bride and grooms point of call on the day... ALL DAY & NIGHT.  So if something needs attention then your event coordinator will come running.

On the day the event coordinator, coordinates the logistics of the setup, the bump in and out of the suppliers, the movement of guests from location to location, the running of the schedule to ensure speeches etc run on time, handling any guest queries, making sure nanna has the front row seat at the wedding, and telling you "go" when those doors open to the reception area to introduce you the first time as a married couple.   The list of duties is endless and we liase with you prior to the big day many times to esnure the schedule and all logistics are understood by all involved.


Travel charges are applicable for all hire of all staff packages.  We cant expect our staff to travel to and from locations without being compensated.  So each staff person is paid a travel allowance.  We immensely value our staff so its a given that we pay our staff travel.  At time of completing the booking form you will be able to tick any one of the following which is applicable to your venue location of which you will be invoiced PER STAFF PERSON for the add on fee.

Inner Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located upto 10kms from CBD) = $29.00 

Outer Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 11kms-29kms from CBD) = $39.00

Out-Out Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 30kms-49kms from CBD) = $59.00

Right-Out Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 50kms-69kms from CBD) = $79.00

Regional Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 70kms or more from CBD) = POA - please note regional rates apply to Portsea, Brisbane, Geelong, Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley.


A parking fee of $29 per staff person applies only to CBD location to assist in staff parking charges if a parking space is not present for each staff person. This is a given, considering parking is horrendous in CBD locations.

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