the finer details....
All the details of what you need to know when booking a Cocktail Queen Cocktail or Beverage Package...


The number of staff in attendance is dependent on the number of guests at your event and how many hours. All Cocktail Queen Cocktail and Beverage Packages include a Master Mixologist/Bar Supervisor to oversee and run the bar.  Check out the job description of a Master Mixologist here.


Travel charges ARE applicable to locations in Melbourne

- Inner Melbourne/Gold Coast is $29.00 (Suburbs located upto 10kms from city CBD)

- Outer Melbourne Suburbs/Gold Coast is $49.00 (Suburbs located greater then 11km from CBD but less then 29kms)

- Out-Out Melbourne/Gold Coast is $69.00 (Suburbs located greater then 30kms from CBD but less then 50kms)

- Regional Melbourne/Gold Coast is $99.00 (Suburbs or locations greater then 51kms and upto 70kms away from CBD)

Anything over 70km is to be quoted - Regional Rates apply to Geelong, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Portsea, Scenic Rim and Brisbane.

Travel to Geelong, Sorrento is $120 per staff person.  Travel to Ocean Grove, Torquay,  Portsea, Phillip Island is $150 per staff person.  

We charge a travel fee so our staff are compensated for travelling these distances.  We ensure we always assign the right person for the right event - we don't purely assign staff because they are in your location, staff are assigned to events based on their experience and your requirements and to compensate for a lot of travelling of which our staff do.  We immensely value our staff and they are compensated for time spent in a car to and from for certain events, especially long distances. Travel fees apply for waiters/strippers, puppeteers, florists etc and TCQ staff.

Regarding CBD events - a parking fee of $29.00 is applicable to CBD locations to assist in staff parking charges. This is a given considering parking is horrendous is CBD locations. 

For delivery of equipment to CBD events the client must also make available an allocated parking spot for the head staff person for ease of unloading any glassware, barware equipment, in to the apartment - we cant park 900m down the road and transport equipment back and forth, so this space or a designated loading zone space must be allocated for both unloading and reloading.

Pricing and Payment

  • Prices are 'set in stone' as above and are 'very very competitive', and include the bar, staff hire, glassware and all the alcohol and mixes.

  • To book only a $250 deposit is required.

  • Final payment is due 21 days prior to the event.   We accept credit card or direct deposit.  All credit card payments incur a 1.5% fee.

  • Once you book, we send you an email to login to our website (this one), of which you get to choose all your menus - that's the fun stuff.


  • We've been making cocktails now for a long time, over 15 years in Melbourne and The Cocktail Queen herself personally for 25 years (shes old-er but doesn't look it lol).  

  • Our staff are Mixologists, really all they do is.... make cocktails!  And we have staff that have been with us a long time, so you can be sure that the drinks are great, plenty to choose from and no pre-made cocktail mixes.

  • Upon booking  you get to choose your top 10 from a menu of 20, but that's not to say the Mixologist wont make some of the others along with your top 10. And they're served continuously for the duration of the event.

  • And the menu includes all the favourites; Daiquiris, Margaritas, Cosmos, Espresso Martinis and ample more.


Bar hire is additional.  If you are hiring a bar also.... Delivery for the bar is ALWAYS one day prior to the event - so if your event is on the Saturday delivery will be on a Friday during standard business hours.

Pickup of the bar and all associated equipment is the day after the event or on Mondays (following a weekend) - and is to be pre-arranged at time of booking. If we have to pickup after the event at night time, a night time pickup fee of $150.00 applies.   

Delivery charges ARE applicable to locations in Melbourne and are based from the bar base in Bayswater. These fees include the pickup also. These charges are soley for the delivery of the bar only.

- Tier 1 Delivery Fee is $49.00 (Suburbs located upto 10kms from Bayswater)

- Tier 2 Delivery Fee is $59.00 (Suburbs located greater then 11km from Bayswater but less then 29kms)

- Tier 3 Delivery Fee is $69.00 (Suburbs located greater then 30kms from Bayswater but less then 45kms)

- Tier 4 Delivery Fee is $89.00 (Suburbs or locations greater then 46kms and upto 60kms away from Bayswater)

At time of booking you will be able to select a delivery time and complete all delivery access details for our delivery personnel. .


Credit Card details ARE required at time of booking which act as bond for any damage to the bar or missing items upon return/pickup.


We do not delivery bars up-stairs physically.  These bars are heavy.  Should you require a bar for a location that is only accessible by stairs then we suggest a pop-up bar or trestle table bar only.

For city corporate and shopping centre events we require loading dock access for delivery of these bars.

Any further questions simply email or text us 0437 455 118.  Or if we have answered already all your questions simply click on the BOOK NOW button above and we look forward to receiving your booking.