Frequently asked questions for staff and glassware hire

How many cocktails can I choose for my event?

Once booked you will be able to view our online cocktail menus for your event to choose which menu or pick n mix cocktails you would like (they include all the favourites!). You will be then sent a comprehensive shopping list of everything you need for your event…right down to how many bags of ice you require.

Our menus are specific to the skill set of the Mixologist you hire. So if you hire a junior Mixologist then it only includes cocktails that a Junior Mixologist can make. If you hire a Senior Mixologist then it only includes the cocktails that a Senior Mixologist can make.

Both the Junior and Senior Mixologist menus have a 'pick n mix' menu also you can purchase for an additional cost. Of which we then send you a customised shopping list.

If you have hired a Master Mixologist you don't need to pay for this 'pick n mix' option; its included free in the hire of your Master Mixologist service.

If you are choosing pick n mix option we advise at choosing no more then 6 cocktails for your event, though you can choose less or more.

What is the difference between a Junior, Senior and Master Mixologist?

A Junior Mixologist will mix up a selection of cocktails for your event. If your just having casual drinks or beverages, then all you need is a Junior Mixologist. Staff within this category have 3 or less years’ experience in the field of hospitality and are not as efficient in timings when it comes to large crowds. They are able to manage upto 20 guests by themselves comfortably with general cocktail and bar service. When you hire a Junior Mixologist you are privy to 2 preset menus each containing 6 cocktails. You choose from one of these menus for your event, of which then a shopping list is sent straight away along with a printable menu for you. You also have the option to choose the “pick n mix” cocktail menu of which we then send you the customised shopping list complete with menu to print out. The price for this service is $29.00.

Senior Mixologists are highly skilled cocktail makers and have been with Cocktail Queen for an extensive period, with experience of over 5 years within the industry. They are senior in that they can manage a bar effectively, efficiently, mix, muddle and shake up great cocktails and ensure your bar is well serviced. When you hire a Senior Mixologist/Bartender you are privy to 3 preset menus each containing 6 cocktails. You choose from one of these menus for your event, of which then a shopping list is sent straight away along with a printable menu for you. You also have the option to choose the “premium pick n mix” cocktail menu of which we then send you the customised shopping list complete with menu to print out. The price for this service is $19.00.

Master Mixologist/Bar Supervisor - When only the best is required. A Master Cocktail Mixologist is for selected events when you want fine mixology service with handcrafted cocktails made on the fly and a service level that exceeds your expectations. Our Master Mixologists are also Wedding/Corporate Bar Supervisors. They have vast experience within the industry of 12 plus years working and managing bars. They do the big events for The Cocktail Queen and the events where our private customers want the best service at their event. They will ensure the success of your bar for your event. When you hire a Master Mixologist/Bartender you have the option to choose any cocktail from our “Master Mixology pick n mix range” cocktail menu and add in your own, of which we then send you the customised shopping list. The price for this service is free.

Can I return my glassware dirty?

Yes you can. We do charge a post event washing fee. Basically if you cant be bothered washing the glassware post party we will do it. A $29 washing fee is applicable for packages upto 100 guests and a $49 fee there after 100-150, and 150-200 guest glassware hire packages. If you are washing the glasses you MUST also polish them and place them back in the exact way you found them (in the correct racks etc).

Do you charge a delivery fee for the glassware?

Whilst most people don't give glassware a second thought, it actually plays a very important part in your event, and getting the glassware to and from the event location at the right time is a necessary logistic. Glassware arrives a day prior to your event and is picked up the following day.
We offer free delivery for those events of 30 or less guests as glassware will arrive and depart with staff on the day. All other packages the following delivery fees apply (which includes next day pickup also). The delivery fees for glassware are as follows; <10kms from Melbourne CBD - $49 11-20kms from Melbourne CBD - $59 21-30kms from Melbourne CBD - $69 31-40kms from Melbourne CBD - $79 41-50kms from Melbourne CBD - $89 51-60kms from MElbourne CBD - $99 61-80kms from Melbourne CBD - $120 81-110kms from Melbourne CBD - $160

What are the travel charges?

We can’t expect our staff to travel to and from locations without being compensated. The following travel fees are applicable.

<10kms Melb/GC CBD $29

11-20kms Melb/GC CBD $49

21-30kms Melb/GC CBD $59

31-40kms Melb/GC CBD $69

41-60kms Melb/GC CBD $89

61-70kms Melb/GC CBD $99

71-89kms Melb/GC CBD $120

90-110kms Melb/GC CBD $140

How much is the deposit to book and do you hold dates?

The deposit to book in and secure your date and team for your wedding staff is $200.00. We absolutely do not hold dates without a deposit. Our packages are in high demand and we take bookings for all events nearly 2 years in advance. If you enquire and don't book immediately and wait until closer to the date, we can't guarantee a team will be available for your designated date.

What else do I need to know?

On the Tuesday prior to the weekend of your event we will send you a final confirmation logistics email detailing who is attending, package particulars also. This final confirmation is not sent until the Tuesday prior to your event.

What is your cancellation policy especially during a pandemic snap lockdown?

You can find the answer to this and all our standard booking terms and conditions by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

I am setting up my own DIY bar, what do I need to include?

The bar setup is essential to ensure efficient service for your event. Due to OH&S regulations and COVID regulations YOU MUST SUPPLY adequate close at hand, hot running water facilites for washing up of glassware (not dishes). The bar must also have suitable cover if outside and not operating in rain or exposed to harsh sunlight. You will need to ensure the bar is equipped with eskys, bar top tubs, menus etc prior, however you can hire these items from us and we do provide menu printing services for an additional cost. Most clients opt to utilise the kitchen bench or open plan kitchen area. Upon booking we send you a comprehensive bar setup checklist that ensures you have everything needed to setup you bar perfectly for your event.

Is it cheaper for staff hire if I don't want cocktails served at my event?

No the price remains the same. The option to have cocktails served at your event is exactly that...optional. If you don't want cocktails and just want bar service you can hire either a Junior, Senior or Master Mixologist to tend to your bar. Again the type of Mixologist you hire is dependent on the level of service you require.

I have 100 guests, how many staff should I hire?

The level of service you require at an event depends greatly on how many guests are attending your event, to that of how many staff you have hired. As a general rule, we always advise on the following staff hire to guest ratio:

For events of 15-25 we recommend 1 bar staff

For events of 26-50 we recommend 2 bar staff

For events of 51-80 we recommend 3 bar staff

For events of 81-100 we recommend 4 bar staff

Should you have hired less bar staff based on your final confirmed guest attendance, please note that bar service may not be as quick or efficient as you anticipate. Whilst our staff are effectively trained in bar service and work efficiently, hiring one bar person to accommodate 50 or more guests will affect the efficiency of service. Though we do assume that not all guests will be drinking cocktails at the same time.

When deciding on staff hire please ensure you also factor into the number of hours the prep hours prior to service also. Please allow ½ to 1 hour for standard bar prep and 1 hour plus for extensive bar prep (ie cocktail service) prior to service. The same rule applies with food prep if hiring food staff. You can provide total bar and kitchen prep, but you need to ensure it is setup appropriately of which our staff would just walk in and begin serving.

You also need to allow for pack down of the bar. If you want staff to leave the area clean tidy and glasses collected (especially if they are departing with staff), then you will need to allow a minimum 1/2 hour packdown also.

You will need to consider glass washing requirements. To maximise service at the bar and if you are hiring LESS THAN the recommended staff (in relation to guest ratio), ensure you hire an additional staff person for collection of dirty glassware, or you have an independent person available to do this on the day .

When you contact us for a quote we will quote based on all these variables. For 100 guests we would provide several quotes based on a variety of staff types with different price points. We will always quote honestly as long as you provide us with enough information regarding your event. If you fail to take our advice as to what we recommend we are not responsible for reduced service efficiency at your event.

How much glassware is in the packages?

All glassware packages contain a lot of glassware but not on the ratio of 'one per person' - if this was the case you would be inundated with glassware!

These packages are devised based on the assumptions; not everyone is drinking the same beverage at the same time, and glassware is being turned over (ie washed and re-used), which would happen in any standard bar facility. Don't worry we provide you with enough glassware for your function.

If you are having a large function ensure you have booked a glassy to collect, return and wash glassware for reuse at the bar. If you haven't and bar staff have to leave the bar, then service will be compromised.

Packaged glassware inclusions cannot be changed and we don't provide individual glass hire.

Our durable plastic glassware is not disposable it is polycarbonate cocktail and general glassware ideal for outside events.

Cocktail Only Glassware packages depending on the type of cocktails you choose you may have some additional glassware provided (at no extra cost), or the glassware altered to suit the cocktails you have chosen.