The invoice sent in a separate email is a pro-forma invoice; subject to change at time of confirmation of final numbers.  The due date indicated on your invoice is the due date for confirming final numbers and also payment.  At any time, you can downgrade or upgrade this package also.  Please check your package inclusions and minimum guest attendance requirements as per the invoice/or original email.  Please note if you have paid your deposit via PayPal or direct deposit, then you will receive 2 invoices – one for the deposit which acts as a bond and is refunded to you post event – this is for an amount of $50.00 and your deposit has paid this…. and the second invoice with the package you have purchased.



Staff will be arriving 1  hour prior to service start time of cocktails, with last drinks 15 minutes prior to end time.  Last drinks is a grace period, that by law we must adhere to as part of our RSA, during this time no more cocktails are made. 



Please be advised that as per our RSA policy and regulations TCQ does not provide or make shooter style cocktails, or shots.  At all times staff will enforce Responsible service of alcohol.  Please be aware that should any guest present at any time to be becoming ‘intoxicated’, staff will politely decline further service to this guest, even if it is in a private residence. Our RSA policy extends to private residences.  Please also be aware that this can occur early in the event, as some guests arrive prior having consumed alcohol prior also to the event.  Glasses of water will be present during the service of the cocktails also at the event, of which we encourage guests to drink also during the event.   

Booking Form – Please complete here. If you have not already completed prior.



For Private Residences....

Staff will be utilising the kitchen, so also please ensure kitchen is tidy and bench space is clear, with adequate access to sink and also oven and power outlet.  This package does not include a mobile bar, and we don’t provide portable ovens or pie warmers.  We utilise the space of your kitchen, with most guests having open plan kitchens.  We also utilise your oven, for heating of food (if ordered).   If your oven is slow in heating, please let us know prior so staff can ensure food is cooked in correct time.  Staff will also be requiring use of oven trays, so please have trays ready upon their arrival, along with baking paper. In the last half hour of the event, we change over glassware, and so we can continue making cocktails up to the grace period, please ensure that you have plastic cups available or plenty of other glassware put aside for us to use also.  If you are setting up outside, please provide 2 x trestle tables/bars, tubs for ice, bin, access to power and sink.  This package is not inclusive of a portable bar.

City events kitchen use....

For city events, many hotel apartments don’t provide kitchen utensils.  Please ensure that TCQ staff have access to a  cutting board and utility knife for preparation of some garnishes.  Many hotel apartments don’t provide these.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the apartment has a working oven that TCQ staff can use, as the menu you have selected requires food to be cooked.



For events at private residences...

If your event is being held at  a private residence, stock for the event will arrive on prior to the event or with staff.  You will be notified no less then 72 hours via email if a stock delivery will be taking place.  If so, please ensure that driveway is clear so the staff person can park his/her car to unload, as there is quite a lot of stock to move in, and that someone is home.

For city events.....

If your event is being held in the city, TCQ staff  will contact you via phone upon arrival to meet them at the front of the building.  As our staff requires a car space to unload, the hotel/apartment  should have allocated you this car space.  Please provide this space to our staff person to unpack and park their car during the event, as there is quite a lot of stock to move in. If TCQ staff are required to unload and then park in another location, where he/she is required to pay, please be aware as per our terms and conditions, parking charges are applicable to you, and will be charged accordingly to your credit card post event.  As TCQ staff person will be unloading their car which can be quite laborious, we ask that you make accessible one of the hotel/apartments luggage trolleys for them to use whilst unloading.  Please also note that some hotels have pass keys only issued to hotel guests so we advise that whilst the TCQ staff person is unloading someone from your party is there to assist in ensuring he/she can manoeuvre through the hotel to the apartment room easily.



If you haven’t booked your accomodation yet and are booking a hotel in the city or apartment, remind to tell the venue that you will be having an ‘offsite caterer arriving for some catering’.  We are not responsible for non-admittance of our staff to a hotel should the hotel not know about us arriving for catering, and should this occur on the night we have the right not to reschedule the event.  Please refer to original terms and conditions regarding city venues.



Please note at the end of the event, any broken glassware or missing glassware that cannot be found by staff,  will be charged to your credit card at a cost of $8.50 per glass post event, or deducted from your bond.  Staff will be most vigilant in looking for all glassware at the end of the event.


Please note if you are changing venue location or any other details YOU MUST complete the change of details form.  We dont accept text message changes or over the phone call changes.



In the event of a function being cancelled greater then 4 weeks prior their booked function, the customer will only be refunded their deposit (excluding a $100.00 administration fee).  Please note any monies owing will not be refunded until after the original date of the function. For events cancelled less then 28 days prior to the function date, no monies will be refunded. Once final payment has been received no refunds are permitted, no exceptions, even if the wedding is called of.  For all cancellations regardless of time frame, a $100 administration fee applies upon cancellation.  


Mocktailers are charged at $10.00 cheaper then the cocktailer rate.  Gluten/Vegan FREE options are available for menus though are an additional cost of $11.00 per person.  


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