Hens Night Party Pointers

From Magic Men and The Cocktail Queen

Hen’s Nights are the last chance to let loose as an un-wed woman and what better way to celebrate this massive commitment in your life than an unforgettable night with your closest girlfriends!

To make this night (or day if you’re really keen to keep the party going) even more special, why not add a cocktail or 10, served by the most gorgeous Men in Melbourne!

Cocktail Queen has teamed up with Magic Men to provide the ultimate Hen’s packages, with a variety of options to suit even the fussiest of Hen’s.

Magic Men offers the hottest waiters and strippers across Melbourne and Gold Coast, serving all your guests with a charming smile, personable yet professional attitude and above all a fabulous time!!

HOT HOT tips for the Ultimate Hen’s Party!


There is nothing worse than organising your besties Hen’s night last minute. This causes stress not only for yourself but your Hen too, so we advise booking  at least 3 months in advance.  Our busiest months each year are Feb, March and Sept, Oct and November so to avoid missing out make sure you book well ahead of time.
- You’re more likely to get the waiter or stripper of your choosing
- There is more flexibility in the times and dates you can choose from
- Accommodation (if you need it) is likely to be cheaper booking ahead
- Everyone is stress-free


Sometimes what you think the Hen wants, can turn out to be completely wrong and we don’t want a disappointed Hen on her last night of single life.  Asking 'your hen' the below questions, to find out exactly what she wants.  This  will give you a clearer understanding as to how long the activities should go for, what activities should be occurring at the hens party and what budget you will need.
- Do you want it to be a day or night event, or both?
- How many activities should be planned?
- What sort of entertainment are you wanting?
- What kind of drinks did you have in mind?
- What’s the budget per person?

- What location are you wanting it to be? Mobile or Venue based?


Often Hen’s parties have a theme.  Having a themed hens party can help guests feel more involved especially if they don’t all know one another. It can be as simple as everyone has to wear red or as extreme as their favourite Disney character (we've seen it all!).  Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make your group stand out!  Below are some ideas for Hen’s Night themes.
- All wear the same colour except for the Hen
- Activewear
- Cowgirls
- Angels and Devils
- Great Gatsby (one of our personal favourites with Cocktail packages)

Hen’s Nights don’t need to be stressful and with our Cocktail and Magic Men packages, you Hen will definitely love what you have planned.

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