FAQs for Champagne Tower Hire

General FAQs for Champagne Tower Hire - Applicable to all hires

What happens once I book?

Once you have booked and paid your deposit/payment your tower and date is secure. We then send you a confirmation email showing you how to pour the tower. We will also liaise directly with your venue coordinator. As is industry standard we touch base with them approximately 10 days prior to the event regarding bump in and all details. You don't have to worry about anything.

What is the house champagne of The Cocktail Queen?

Our champagne varies and is dependent on the price our suppliers provide us at any given time. We cannot provide you with a brand name upon request however we can provide you with quality mid-range great tasting champagne for your tower, that arrives chilled and all bottles removed at end of event. Many wineries and venues will want you to use their champagne.

What are the delivery charges?

The following delivery charges are applicable...

<10kms Melb/GC CBD Free delivery and pickup.

11-20kms Melb/GC CBD $49

21-30kms Melb/GC CBD $59

31-40kms Melb/GC CBD $69

41-60kms Melb/GC CBD $89

61-70kms Melb/GC CBD $99

71-89kms Melb/GC CBD $120

90-110kms Melb/GC CBD $140 - staff must be hired when venue is this distance away.

How much is the deposit to book and do you hold dates?

The deposit to book in and secure your date and team for your champagne tower is $200.00. You receive 5% discount if you pay in full at time of booking. We absolutely do not hold dates without a deposit. Our packages are in high demand and we take bookings for all events nearly 2 years in advance. If you enquire and don't book immediately and wait until closer to the date, we can't guarantee a team will be available for your designated date.

What else do I need to know?

On the Tuesday prior to the weekend of your event we will send you a final confirmation logistics email detailing who is attending, package particulars also. This final confirmation is not sent until the Tuesday prior to your event.

What is your cancellation policy especially during a pandemic snap lockdown?

You can find the answer to this and all our standard booking terms and conditions by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Can I supply the champagne?

Most definitely! We can provide you with house champagne at an additional cost, you can supply it or the venue can supply it. Only once you book a tower, we will forward you all instructions as to how much champagne you need to purchase (it all depends on the type of pour you are doing at your event).

Does the tower ever fall down?

This has only happened twice from hundreds of hires. And was due to guest error and client not taking our advice as to where to place the tower. Don't hire towers for 18th disco partys and don't place a tower in front of the main bar where boys forget it's there! Our towers are very sturdy, and if your worried about your guests bumping it we do have bollards available for hire. Its a given that upon dispersal of glasses following the pour that some glasses get broken by guests or lost by guests. We allow for up to 4 breakages/losses per hire. Anything after this you are charged for via your credit card post event. If the acrylic tray is returned broken a $550 replacement fee is charged automatically to your credit card (FYI - this has never happened).

How do I pour the tower?

Easy, crack open a bottle of champers and pour into the top glass! Don't worry we provide you upon booking a comprehensive DIY pouring instructions to both you and your event coordinator.

How many bottles of champagne or sparkling do I need?

That all depends on what type of pour you are doing. Are you doing a full pour or part pour? A part pour is essentially only using a small number of bottles to pour the first few tiers and is usually for a photo opportunity. A full pour is when each glass is completely full and dispersed to guests to enjoy the toast. When you book, we will provide you with an information brochure detailing how much champagne you need to purchase based on your tower size and type of pour. It also details what type of champagne or sparkling you should purchase, when to pour the tower, and pouring instructions.

Will the tower completely fill?

It's a given that not all glasses will fill up totally when pouring and there will be quite a bit of
wastage in the drip tray below. Many inner glasses within the tower won't completely fill and
will need to be filled as the tower is disassembled and disbursed.


Additional FAQs applicable to Tower hire for Receptions and Venue Events

Why do I have to pay for upto 5 hours for staff hire at the reception/event?

The following is not applicable to tower hire for ceremonies - refer to additional faqs regarding tower hire for ceremonies further down this page.

We allow up to 5 hours for staff to be onsite at the venue. The five hours includes our staff bumping in at the closest time to guest arrival which is sometimes up to 1.5 hours in advance. Some venue locations require us to enter via security which all takes time. The five hours includes bump in, setup, waiting around for guests to arrive and bride/groom host, pouring, assisting in pouring and dispersal, and then collecting all the glasses again. This entire scenario is based on the tower being poured at the beginning of the function. If you are pouring late, you will be required to pay for additional hours of staff hire. Most hosts/brides/grooms etc choose to pour the tower upon arrival or very early in the evening. Please don't ask for less hours for your tower when hiring staff as we will not accommodate the request. The 5 hours’ time frame is based on ALOT of experience with events and champagne towers.

Will Cocktail Queen staff serve other drinks at the venue?

Our champagne tower facilitators do not serve other drinks at the wedding reception. They are for use exclusively with the Champagne Tower at wedding receptions and other functions. Should you need staff to serve your beverages and make cocktails you will need to hire additional staff from The Cocktail Queen.

Can I supply my own table?

Yes of course. As long as its sturdy and on the day you place it in a location not near a child’s table, or to close to a band because glass does not like vibration. We don't supply mats for the ground. For 5, 6 and 7 tiers tower a minimum 700mm x 700mm table is required. For all other sizes a minimum 1m x 1m table is required. You can hire gold plinths also from us for $160 per plinth or 2 for $250.00

My venue needs you to pick up the tower late at night, can you do this?

Yes we do but this is an additional cost of $160 for any pickups past 9.00pm. All our towers are for next day pickup, or at a time we arrange with the venue coordinator.

If you need a same day pickup then the same delivery fee applies again.

Can I choose my drip tray?

All our drip trays are all clear sturdy acrylic bases. We do have premium heavy-duty mirror based silver drip trays available for 7 to 9 tier tower size. These are available to hire for an additional cost of $90 each - on top of the tower price.

If you are after a custom build, we can do so upon request for an additional cost however we need plenty of notice and payment in full is required at time of booking for custom champagne towers. We have round drip trays for 5 and 6 tier towers with matching gold round plinths.

When is the best time to pour the tower?

Many champagne towers are poured at the commencement of a wedding or event for the photo opportunity and speeches. If you leave it too late during the event it's not as easy to get guests attention after they have been consuming alcohol for some time.


Additional FAQs applicable to Tower hire for Wedding Ceremonies

Why do I have to pay for upto 4 hours for staff hire at the ceremony?

We allow up to 4 hours for staff to be onsite at the ceremony, because brides always run late, weather can change last minute and from our experience guests always linger before moving onto the ceremony.

Our staff must wait until the last glass of champagne is drunk and collected before they can leave, even if the bride and groom have already left for photos.

Staff also arrive early sometimes up to 1.5 hours in advance to ensure that they can park easily, access the setup location, ice up the champagne and get ready for your arrival... so all this time is factored into the cost.

Ceremonies may only take 1/2 hour but logistically to ensure your wedding ceremony is a success all considerations must be taken into account, and this is what you are paying for.

Will Cocktail Queen staff serve other drinks at the ceremony?

Our champagne tower facilitators will be able to serve your other standard only beverages (beer and wine) at your ceremony (cocktails are not provided or served by these staff), as long as you have all the bar setup for the event. You can hire a mobile bar with additional trestle tables, buckets, tubs from us if you require this, and can add this on at time of completing the booking form. We can also take any rubbish with us at end of event and also pick up the ice on the way to chill your beverages.

What if my ceremony is at the same location as the reception?

If you are getting married at the same location and the champagne tower is going to be indoors then you can choose to purchase a standard dry hire tower which does not require staff hire etc. Please note that our gold round champagne tower plinths are NOT available for hire in parks or outdoor areas.

What if I only want the tower at the ceremony?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow just dry hire of towers for ceremonies that are not in private gardens. If you are having a ceremony in a public park or set location you will need to hire a ceremony package.

Can you remove the empty bottles from my garden ceremony if I supply the champagne?

If you are supplying the champagne we can removal the empty bottles for an additional cost with our rubbish removal service available for $100.00